Our company was founded in 1965. From then uptil today we prepare traditional cheese products of the purest milk from our region. This long – lasting course has gained the trust of the producers, breeder, partners and that of the market both local and foreign. From 1974, the products have been marketed with the trade name “Krystalli”. This act not only gave a title to our products but also recognition from the consumer.
Today we produce a whole series of hard cheeses (kefalotiri, kefalograviera, graviera) with the main product that being that being “Krystalli” well – know in the market.
We also produce Feta, Anthotiros, Myzithra (fresh and dry) and so on.
In addition to this, we have already completed our up to date program of improvement to our facilities. Also, we have acquired our quality certification under ISO 9002 and are now in the process of organizing the laboratory and quality control of the whole production.